Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sneak Peak on Clueless: Keeping Secrets 2

“Why don’t you get that faggot boyfriend of yours to help? He’s always hanging around after practice waiting on you anyway.” Richard sneered.
I should’ve expected it. He’d been calling Jason that more and more lately. It was like he was trying to goad me into a fight. My fists balled into fists at my side. As always her voice came to me. Strength means not having to show it off because someone made you angry, Tommy. Strength means holding back when all you want to do is lose your mind.
“Jason is not on this team. You are. And if you want to stay on it, Rick, I suggest you check your attitude unless you want to discuss it in detail with Coach. We don’t have to be cool right now but this isn’t negotiable.” Pulling rank on him was a dirty move but I didn’t have any other choice. It was either that or brawl with him and there was no way in hell I was risking getting grounded this weekend.
This was “the” weekend, me and Jason’s one month anniversary. It was Jason’s longest relationship and he wanted to do something “outrageous”. His words, not mine. So Uncle Mark had agreed to let Jason and I head out to the lake for a weekend of camping. It was only twenty minutes away but it satisfied Jason’s impulsive nature. How he’d managed to get the weekend off from his sucky job at Kmart, Tommy didn’t know, but Jason was beyond pleased with himself.
Rick’s noise of frustration brought me out of my thoughts of the weekend. “Fuck you, Tommy.” Not in this life or any other. 

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