Monday, December 10, 2012

Scrubs, Reviews, and Short stories

Hello World,

So, I've decided that my life is a never ending episode of Scrubs, minus the doctors. I don't like doctors. However, all the weird daydreams and random musical numbers are spot on continuously  I've broken into random Hinder numbers numerous time while doing laundry and dishes. Odd combos, I know. But today I managed to go into a elaborate daydream about what would happen if the random Santa Claus lookalike in Walmart was the real Santa Claus and broke into a Journey number with Walmart employees as elves. Yeah...that's a day in my life.

I also managed to read a few reviews. Thank you to all the people who have read A Gentleman's Agreement. For those of you who were wondering, Jonah will be getting a book as well. It's on my works in progress and should be completed in the spring.

I have a few anthology calls I'm looking to write for. Those will be announced as they are outlined.

Again, Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy A Gentleman's Agreement and my future work.

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